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Hey everyone! I have some positive news to share today, I finally completed my Soul Dex in Pokemon Go! For those of you who don't know, the Soul Dex is my term for a group of Pokemon I caught and name after close friends (Which is extra important since i'm graduating). The idea first came to me when I wanted to name a Persian after my deceased Girlfriend Kelsey, which I did in my own special way and it had the moves I wanted as well! Then, some more ones fell into place...

Kelsey= Persian
Tyler (me) = Marowak
Persian (again) = Frost (a character Kelsey came up with)
Grandma = Granbul (My grandma liked this the most)

and last on the list and the hardest to get by far:

The Campus Minister Siobhan = Lapras

So if you don't know, this past week has been the Water Festival in Pokemon Go, and I was hunting Lapras aggressively, since it was teased as the 'Prize pokemon of the event" (and shiny magikarp) since I didn't have one yet. Since I got an unusual 10k from a stop that usually doesn't give them, I thought it might be Lapras since it hatches from 10ks (Spoiler, it was a dratini). So I got the idea to shave my eggs down as much as I could for more 10k egg chances. So I did, opening 6 spaces. While on the Bus ride into school today, trying to ensure I got a full load of eggs, near my usual stop, there is a bigger university and I saw the outline of Lapras at one of the stops. So I waited until the bus came to its stop 2 blocks down, at the stop next to where I normally get off, and rushed back to where the Lapras was. Thankfully, it was still there so I ran to it. When i got to the stop, I got the "Pokemon has fled" Message and my heart sank, although I knew this was either a glitch due to a new loading glitch, or I had 1min 30sec until despawn. Thankfully, it appeared 10 seconds later and I grabbed it instantly! First, I took a pic of it, then I threw a razzberry and Ultra balls (a few missed) but then I hit it with a Great Throw! Then I counted as it wiggled "1...2...3! YES!" and then I had done it, I had caught it! My celebration drew the attention of another guy dressed similarly to me. "Did you catch the Lapras?" he said. Then we talked about how great it was to start our days with our first Laprases ever! I took some pictures and then left, getting to class 10 minutes early and out of breath from the insane run down. (I came back to the spot later that day to take some additional pics to document the area for possible future use and for memory). 

After the classes, I went to see Siobhan so she could personally enter her name as the Lapras, and she was very honored I searched for months and tried so hard to get this to have a memory of her. "Its not like naming a pet after me, but its close." she said. It really made me happy to know that I made her day, and her month! She was so excited to tell her family about this! My day was very, very good after that! It was also a very beautiful day!

Now, for the record there are some extra pokemon named after characters and people and they are kinda like the "honorable mentions" of the Soul Dex. They are:

Lissette = Sneasel
The Catholic Father whom I became friends with = Togetic (Eventually, since it's not going to happen for a very long time since I'm going to walk Chicorita next for my Meganium from HeartGold, my first Pokemon game)

Also, Technically I don't have Granbul since I want my Grandma to be the one to evolve it, so it will be complete when I see her, which may be awhile, but I have more than enough candies to do so, so Lapras was the final obstacle. 

Also, I met up with this girl who I met previulsly who likes Pokemon Go as much as I do on the bus yesterday. After she got off, I hatched a Togepi (my first) and i'm sure that was a sign of good luck for today's big Lapras catch! 

BTW: My Lapras is 1325 cp, 157 hp and Watergun/Blizzard with pretty good IVs. The only small flaw is Siobhan is female while the Lapras is male, but it really dosen't matter. 

Anyway, thats all for now! I hope you all enjoyed reading my latest update in my Pokemon Go adventure! 

EDIT: April 9 2017: Well, I got my Grandma to evolve the Granbull, so now its officially done and I can enjoy my victory! I'm still pumped about getting Lapras! It feels like winning the lottery!
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Well, its official, my life is falling apart around me! Everything is going to Hell, fuck, at this point you might as well call me Doomguy, since I love in Hell! My college work is fine, except my Senior Experience lab and paper stuff! I was doing this Acid Fast stain yesterday, and it went HORRIFICALLY wrong! Stain was everywhere! My fingers looked like I murdered a pink guy! Some even got on my phone case, pretty much ruining it! I penned an email to my professor, who wasn't even around at the time, as ususal, about how bad I felt about the lab and all the things that went wrong. This morning, when going to school, I open up my school email which starts with "We will not be meeting today..." and I was happy since I really dont like our talks for my in dependent study. But then it continued "Instead you will be cleaning the terrible mess you made" what followed was the most scathing professional email I had ever received! I ran to the bathroom because I felt so bad, and well, to shit. I was mortified for the rest of the day! I've never been so scared to talk to someone! (Although, technically some of the blame should be on her, since just telling someone to follow directions in a book dosen't guarantee success!) I even didn't take a lunch that lab just to finish and barely made it to my bus! 

And also with school, my college is doing this idiotic social justice thing and had a BLM poster that just boiled my blood! Had I been a sophmore or below, I would have done a soft protest! I guess my life dosen't matter since I'm white. (BLM should be considered a terrorist group if the KKK is, just saying). ((Offended? fuck off))

Family life isn't much better. There is a secret situation going on with my brother away at college. I only know about it via eavesdropping. I don't know how that is progressing since we don't talk. All my brother does these days is go on rants about really untrue things since he is so opinionated. And this only adds to the existing drama, which is why I stay in my room nearly all the time. 

As for social interaction, I talk to this one girl in philiosiphy class who likes Undertale. Since that class is a blow off, I just doodle things, mostly Undertale's Omega Flowey, and Mettaton, and some other things. 

If you guys out there want to help, just talk to me. Comment or send a note. Anyone really, you don't even have to know me. As for you Taylor, thanks for being there to comfort me. You have no fucking clue how much those notes meant to me. If anyone is interested, I'll post the email below the break. Hopefully, I'll hear from some of you! *Huggles*


Hello Dr C. 

Since I couldn't find you before leaving for my bus today, I wanted to send you this email about what happened in lab today. Due to time, I was only able to perform the acid fast stain. A few things went wrong, first and most important, the acid fast waste container is full. The dish to the immediate left of the container is mine and is the excess from my stain. Secondly, does the paper towel need to be totally saturated during steaming? I kept it that way, but I wasn't totally sure about it. Also, do you think I could wear latex gloves while doing this staining? My fingers were covered in the stain at the end of lab, but I didn't know if it is safe to wear latex gloves around the open flame. (I think there is some around lab). I also wanted to note that 2 of the glass slides broke due to heat (I redid them though, so we still have all 7 ready to look at). I also wanted to let you know that the entire acid fast staining process, including the 2 slides I had to redo, took about 1 hour and 30-45 minutes to get done. 

Additionally, while my burner on the left was working fine for the entirety of the lab, the burner on the right, the one I often use, lit, but had a very weak flame. While attempting to light it, I smelled a strong smell of gas, and made sure both ends of the hosing were in place. However, the flame was still weak, (also irregular shaped, it was more of a crown-like shape and not very hot to the touch) and I moved to the burner on the right,as you saw. The flame there took a few moments after lighting to form into the normal cone shape. However after that, it was just as hot as the normal burners are. 

If you have any questions about what happened, it might be most effective to talk to me after our Environmental Microbiology talk tomorrow afternoon. I'm just going to have Chapter 13 done by Friday morning to keep us on track. 

See you tomorrow,


We will not be meeting today for your independent study.  You will be cleaning that terrible mess you left in the lab.  I have never seen such a terrible mess.  Some of it has permanently damaged the bench tops.  Even the clean slides and bunsen burner have stain splattered on them.  You knew to use the diaper (I even told you) and then you didn't even try to clean up.  What happened also on the tray with the stain waste bottles?  I have used that tray and signs for years.  If the bottle was full you should have asked Mark or I for another.  Mark told me you went to him and you needed to tell the bottle was full.  I am disappointed. 

(Name Redacted)
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Hey guys, this is going to be a bit of a strange post. As you may know, college is keeping me pretty busy, although I do still have some free time. Although on the other hand, i have been insanely lonely! This is because most of my time at college is spent alone in the lab for 3 hours doing some tests. After college, I come home to find my Notes, Skype and Steam empty as it has been for a few months now. The days feel like they just keep repeating over and over, nothing really changes. Honestly, the only good thing about these days is that the bus rides mean more Pokemon and items in Pokemon Go. 

I just really, REALLY miss the Rp's I used to have with everyone here! Sure I can't instantly reply like I used to, but i'll at least do it once a day or more! It dosent even have to be Rp, i just want someone to talk to! 

At least I am getting a new phone next week, the Samsung Sky, which performs much better then the phone I have now (LG331 or something. It dosent have a cool name). 
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Just found this today! I thought that the only vore in DBZ was Cell's tail absorbtion! (Which I really didnt like). But this is on the next level! Its so insanely rare to see actual stomach acids included and used! I can't tell you how let down I get with all these 'non digestion' animations! Anywho, enjoy! (Not owned or made by me duh!)
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In the Spirit of Christmas, Im doing a little raffle-ish event here for my followers on here since I have some Steam cash left over and I want to give out some games! Now, first let me say that these game's arent over $10 or anything super expensive, just some little things you might enjoy. 

Rules: For the next 2 days this will be open to my friends on here. And there will be 1-2-3 winners. Also, you must have a Steam account (Kinda pointless otherwise!) Also, you must be following me and a friend of me. I just don't want to be flooded by random people! 

To enter: Simply put your name and a number from 1-50. If you have the lucky number, you win! Thats all there is to it. (Also, if there is a genre of game you like or hate, let me know. I can't guarantee if you get it or not, depending on availability)

Have fun and good Luck! 

EDIT: Well, this is closed now! So since we only have 2 people in, they both win! (Although if you are wondering, the random number was 13, so Arky technically wins since he was closer, but you both will get a free game anyway!) I will send out the games a few minuites after this! 
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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your Christmas is great and spent with family and friends, or having a good day! Awhile ago, I stumbled on this video:

Which led me to the BEST, funniest, silliest, stupidest, and most out of character Christmas Album ever! (Fun Fact: It's a tradition in my familly to watch the Vegitales Christmas Albums on Christmas eve and day. Say what you will, but they really age well!)

To make it simple, there is even a playlist of the songs that I'll post below! Enjoy! 

I also wanted to note that due to being very busy and sick, my Christmas gifts will most likely be delayed until after Christmas sometime. I'll do my best to get them out when I can though! In the meantime, you can always talk to me! 

Merry Christmas Everyone! 
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Hey all, look I am currently flooded with work, and probably will be for some time. I'll reply to RP's when I can. I'll try to reply at least once a day or two. I'm sorry, but between College, Homework, and sleep time is really getting small! Granted, I still love to RP and talk, its just I need to buckle down and get some stuff done since I can be distracted easily! 

Also, is anyone even reading these anymore? It's been ages since I got a comment on it. 
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Hey all! I hope you are having/had a good Halloween! 

I just kinda wanted to write this as a bit of a story. This is actually my first year not going out Trick or treating. I used to go with my brother. This year, I had stuff to do. It was weird since I didn't hear any kids outside and I only saw a few from my window. I live in a suburban neighborhood and my mom said we got less than 50, the fewest that she can ever remember getting. It was kinda sad. Although this year, due to being busy, we just got our decorations up a few days ago. 

Although I do have some good news, I shall be attempting to upload my life comic in a few days! (or weeks since I'm really busy). But I definitely will! I know it will be a big surprise to all on here who follow me! I know I could have done better, but I can't do comics well, but for what it is, it works out fine. 

One thing I do want to ask though, please keep sending me notes and commenting on stuff. While I don't brouse my notifications and watch often, I will always reply to Notes eventually! I love getting them! Especially from new people interested in me! 
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Hey all, just wanted to let you in on an update. Things with my situation I mentioned a few posts back are getting better, although college is keeping me decently busy for now. Also, I shall upload a personal comic I did for college pretty soon once I get the time to do so! (and not distracted by Paladins!) I'm sorry I haven't been on much, I know i've probably missed a lot of stuff over the months. 

But honestly, i've just been feeling lonely on here. It feels like most people just kinda left and now only a few people are around. Even though I feel fine, I just feel alone. I've been thinking about how once this school year ends (and this semester) i'm going to be left alone with no IRL friends. My only one I am really close with now is Hanna, and shes pretty cool and decently nice,but she wont have time to talk or much in a few months. And after that, she will be in a 5 year program in Japan. Don't get me wrong, i'm happy for her, but its going to get pretty lonely here. 

I just don't want to seem like a bother to anyone, but it is nice to have someone to talk to. Perhaps people will like my comic? And to all my friends reading this, don't think that I dont like you! It's just I'd like to talk more is all, actually some of you have been doing a great job of it! 
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As you may know, College is back for me. Although, things are normal now, I find myself in a situation where something urgent came up outside of school. I'm going to need to devote a lot of time to it, so regrettably, all current projects are going to have to take a backseat for now. I hope you all understand that there are some things more important in life than simple little requests. I don't know how long this situation will last, but I assume a long time. As such, expect delays in me responding to notes (although notes are still welcome, I just won't be able to quickly respond as I usually would). 

Again, I'm still here, but response times will be slower. This is something I have to do and I hope you all can respect that. Again, Notes and Rp's are still going to be open, but my replies will be generally slower. 

Also, RIP YouTube 2006-2016 
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Hey guys. I dont know what it is, but I just feel stuck. As many of you know, I am slowly recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery (which went well and I might upload some funny moments if I get around to it). But I just feel simply stuck. As many recovering at home know, it can get pretty boring if you are bored of all your games and things. I spend most of the day on youtube, but even that is starting to get a little old. I just feel bored really, that there is nothing that can "spice up my day" as you might say. It just feels like the same old thing over and over. I know people have recommended me games, but it's things that i'm just not into. Honestly, I just kinda miss having fun like I used to. 
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Hey guys! Vacation was really cool! I ate lots of good food and saw some amazing sights! It wasn't even that cold up there in Alaska! (It was actually worse in the train's AC). I even made a new friend while up there! Anyway, I can resume talking again! It seems I missed a lot, including the loss of 2 people that have done great things for me, but I suppose everyone must move on eventually. 

I will attempt to post the pics from vacation in an upcoming journal if time allows (and if not, I'll just upload them individually). Something happened over vacation thats kinda having me question my future, but I'll save that for another time! In the meantime, it feels so good to hold my PC again! I can't beleive i brought it through the entire trip and never used it (Well i would have if not for my new friend and a lack of tables to play games at).

Anyway, im back! 
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Hey guys, on the 27th of July here, I will be heading off on my vacation to Alaska for 2 weeks. I will return on the 10th of August. I will have no internet, so I can't reply to Roleplays or anything else over that time. I will be taking a train cross country with my family and getting on a cruise ship and then returning home on the train. I will miss you all very much! 

Also, when I get back, I will have my wisdom teeth surgery, and thats always in my mind. I'm trying to calm myself, but i'm still very scared. But after that, I do plan on doing something special for a new friend of mine. 

And just to repeat it again, due to the sheer insanity of my life right now, all writing and drawings are still off until further notice. :( I know, i feel awful about it too, i never expected my summer to turn out so terrible! 

But in any case, hopefully things will be somewhat fun on this trip (Although i am very under-prepared), and I will see you all after! 
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Hello all! 

After a dream about me encountering a Celebi last night, and waking up early in the morning, I took it as a sign to play Pokemon Go. And as such, I decided to review it for you. 

First thing you will need to know is that it requires a GPS signal and Wifi/Data. I have to pay for mine, but im going with it. Its good the app is free. Basically, the gameplay is you walking around IRL into leaf tufts that wild pokemon make, and catching them. The catching mechanic is different in that you need to time the ball throw so that you throw it hard enough and the green circle is closest to the center. After catching, the pokemon is added to the Pokedex and you get EXP. You also get a small amount of Exp for walking around. And you don't need to go /that/ far. I was able to pull off some decent catches within my neighborhood block (Hint: Pokemon seem to like Cauldesacks). 

One thing I want to make clear is that you don't need to go off road much, just a foot or so to catch a nearby pokemon, as to not look suspicious to neighbors. Just remember to tap the base of the pokemon you are trying to catch and start the catching game. 

Now, I do have a few things I dislike about it. One is that you can't register trainers. I actually met a man while on my walk this evening. He was a dad-type guy, and he knew exactly what I was doing. So we both walked and caught pokemon together. Interestingly enough, we both saw mostly the same pokemon, with some differences, while walking. He gave me a tip that the game is somewhat based off an older mobile game by the same host company, and reuse some of the locations for Pokelocations. The only other negative thing is that there may not be a pokecenter or Gym near you, so you may need to travel further around. You have a finite number of pokeballs (same as the video game) But you do get a generous amount for leveling up, so Its not that big of a deal unless you waste 30 pokeballs on one pokemon. Also, a few times the game would suddenly stop on me, forcing me to reboot it. But, it at least made any nearby pokemon close when the game came on again. If you were catching one, after moving a few steps the pokemon you were after will be right on top of you. Also, there isn't much of a tutorial, so learning can be tricky, or just look it up online. 

Now, on to the parts I love: First off, wild pokemon move! While only a slight thing, its pretty cool and makes the world feel more alive! Although once you are close enough to the spot, they stop moving (and might come closer to you) to allow for capture. I also love the graphics and feel of the game. I am not a big fan of mobile games, with the exception of the time killers like Angry Birds back in the day, as I usually save space for memory, but this is a really good game in the look and feel of a new Pokemon game. It is also pretty cool to see the Gen 1 Pokemon again! (Although I do wish they would add more, as I would love to see my fav pokemon Rayquaza somewhere). Also, just like the games from HeartGold/SoulSilver onwards, it has a day/night mode. In the day, you can catch plant types. At night, ghost types are haunting you! 

Now, I haven't actually battled yet, so I don't know how it works exactly, but I have a pretty good feeling about it. I also have yet to go to a Gym or Pokecenter. 

Bottom line: 
Good: Very good Pokemon Mobile
Gets you active and social (the true magic of Pokemon IMO)
Feels like a real Pokemon game. 
Great graphics.

Requires GPS and internet/wifi. 
Don't go on peoples property (Although pokemon are always pretty close to streets)
Can't log other Trainers in a Friends list. (But will probably be addressed later)
Sometimes pauses.
Not much in the way of a tutorial. 

As a final word, I highly recommend it! Sure it has its flaws, but I strongly think that they will be fixed soon. It is a great product and a outstanding game! (Also Eevee is so cute!) 

Now go catch em all!
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Hey all, I am in extreme pain due to my wisdom teeth coming in. Apparently one is coming in sideways and the Dentist never told me. Anyway, I can't open my jaw wide anymore and require surgery (Most likely). The problem is, my family is going on a 2 week vacation to Alaska in a few weeks and i'm scared. I dont know what to do. I did find that drinking Sierra Mist helps, especially when I hold it over the damaged areas. Does anyone else know what I should do and what I should expect for the surgery and after? Please help if you can!
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As soon as you can, go into Steam and search for a game named Limbo. Its FREE DOWNLOAD for one day. Basically, if you get on today, you can go to the game, download it, and you have it forever! Youll love it!

Just go to the game screen. Hit that Green "Install Game" Button and it will be added to your wishlist!…


Thank my friends at Meme Center for pointing this out!…
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So yeaterday (June 7th) I went to a local amusement park Kennywood. 

So this time, I pretty much hung out with my parents as I knew no one there and it was the last school picnic day. As noted last year, I finally got up the breavery to go into their haunted house/ fun house called Noah's Ark. This season, they redid it again making it into a funhouse, and replaced the entrance to the "Classic" way where you walk through a Whale's mouth. (When it opened in the 50's or 60's It had that stuff, then it was made into more of a haunted house, and then returned to a funhouse as it is now). Anyway, the floor is nice and squishy like a tongue, and then you go through the throat and into the ride. While I was taking pics, I got squirted with water beacuse it sometimes shoots water from its blowhole. 

Unfortunately, I cant upload pics here. I may just put them as Art later. I used to be able to insert pics here. 

Anyway, later while riding a ride that spins you on a wheel and flips you in the air called the Black Widow, I was alone in line next to a big manly tough guy dad character. He was unsure about the ride. After we got on, I explained that its not that scary. it calmed him a little. Once the ride got going however, he was screaming at the top of his lungs "SHIT" and "FUCK". It took everything I had not to burst out laughing! He probably would have beat the crap out of me! (Like seriously, the dude was built like a Marine). He made it and appoligived to the riders for his language, and we kinda laughed it off. 

Later, I decided to get something to eat with my parents. I had this cheese steak sandwhich which was decently priced and was eating it with my mom and dad. My mom complained hers tasted like Mayo. After finishing my sandwhich, my dad took hers up for a refund. As my mom looked at my dad's sandwhich she noticed green moldy spots on the bread and went to tell my dad. It turns out we weren't the only ones. After realizing this, I had the biggest "Oh Shit" Look on my face. I feel fine though.

I also saw a bunny while in line for a ride, it hopped right by me. And A squirrel on top of the carocell who used a tree to jump on and off, and some dicks while we were eating lunch (Be glad we didnt give them any).

All in all, a pretty great time! It was fun to get out and relax!  


Kennywood day!Hey all! I think its about time for a positive update this time! 
Tomorrow Is Kennywwod day! (For those of you not from Pittsburgh, Kennywwod is a local amusement park. I've been going since i was a kid). It should be pretty fun, but I don't think i will have anyone to ride with me (Besides family, ugh). Oh well, it should still be an awesome time! My best memory last year was when it was dark and close to closing time, I got to ride this dark ride where you go through a haunted mansion and shoot ghosts with guns, Kinda like House of the Dead. Normally, its one gun per person, with 4 in a car, but since it was just me, i got the whole car to myself and dual-weilding guns! (Although I couldn't really hit much that way :P ). 
Hopefully tomorrow will be fun, last year I got a little bored actually (Beacuse I had just lost total contact with someone who may have been a great friend IRl, it still pains me). But, you are never too old for roller coasters! And that park is one of th

Kennywood Fun and memories!Hey all! I got back about 11:20 something and was too hungry and physically exausted to write. It was a hell of a day, and probably my favorite Kennywood trip in recent memory!
So I started out with my family and there is a haunted house walk through ride there, it was the only ride I had yet to ride in the entire park. Of course, i said no. 
There is this wild mouse ride in the dark, and I rode on one half of the car alone, pockets full of stuff, as the ride is infamous for items flying out of pockets, we just kept spinning and finished the ride like that (The car locks forward after a time). I got a little bumped up, but it was still fun. 
Later, My little bro found some friends of his and left with them. Later, finding no one to ride with, my parents forced me to ride with them. They were going to go on the Raging Rapids (A white water raft ride). I sat out. They got more soaked than ever! It look like they just jumped in a pool! So my bro left to go get a change of shoes,
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So guys, over the past few months I have pissed off some people really close to me that I regret. So I would like to list them here.

:iconarkan0id: Dude, I'm sorry that I went off on you. I was stressing and Rp helps me cope. But I'm sorry that I said the things I did. Skype is really lonely without you. I miss our conversations and stuff. I just really want to be friends again. Okay? 

:iconlaprasvorelover: You introduced me to a nice group of vore friends here. I'm sorry I went off on you like I did. It just upsets me when I start a RP or talk to someone and never get a response. But you are a really nice girl and I hope to be friends again! 

:iconquietprofesional: Hey man, I hope we can be friends again. It was just that the night I went off, I just felt pressured into drawing vore stuff when I was nowhere near that level! (Although my drawing has improved, but not enough for true vore just yet). Still though, you areone of my earliest friends on here and a Great Rp partner! I hope to talk more and see you on Skype. How's the Youtube channel going? 

:iconvaderaz: Hey man, sorry about going off on you for the Rp critiques! I really do try my best and try to improve, although it does get a little tricky sometimes. I don't suddenly improve overnight, but I do improve over time. I really hope to Rp and talk again!

Anyone I missed: Basically, due to college stress I sometimes Snap at people. I'm sorry for that. Now that college is over for summer, I hope to make amends and make new friends too! 

And now for some Shout outs! 

:iconlethalconscript: Thanks for being an awesome Rp partner so far! I'm loving Dusty and can't wait to work with her! She's one of the best giant pony pred OC's I know! She fits pretty much perfectly into my interests! And is on my Drawing Docket! 

:iconangel446: Good luck on the exams! You are really a amazing friend to me and for that, I'm going to get right to work on your present! 

As for my work lineup (after I get some early summer IRL stuff organized and figured out)
1. Angel446's present
2. Goddess Natale's request
3. Lethal Conscript's Dusty
4. Optional Felarya projects
5. ???
(Subject to change due to interest or time)

Also, Since I can now do so, I will be uploading some quick doodles from a notebook of this boring course I had this semester where I improved my drawing skills greatly! (Yes, usually I'm against major drawing in my course notebooks, But this lecture was irrelevant and the professor very often went off on tangent stories and since all graded material was from textbooks, and minimal effort, I decided to use the time to my advantage and draw.)

So yeah, that's it for now guys. I hope that things are well and that I can mend my relationships with the above friends and I hope you all will support me as I kick off my summer here! 
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So, today (Technically Yesterday the 25th but I forgot). marks the 1 year mark since I became social on Deviant Art. And what I mean by that is that I may have had my account for awhile, but all I could do was favorite stuff. After being told by a friend on a forum site, I discovered that I had not finished the email confirmation. After I did so, I was able to access the full ability of Deviant Art and be social here! I have met so many great people here! I hope to make more friends and strengthen current friendships, and also to mend damaged relationships, as I care about everyone here dearly and recognize my mistakes (You know who you are, and I am sorry. I hope to be friends again). 

I just have the rest of this week and finals next week and then I'm done the semester! It was a fast one! I hope everyone is doing well. 
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Hey guys, you may have saw I am on here way less. Well its kinda due to balancing my college work and my natural laziness! (And the fact that I'm pretty sure my old friends are gone for good, as they haven't contacted me. :( Going to miss them). But the main thing for me right now is loss of motivation. Sure I got things to do and such, and have a few free commissions (One for Girlsdevourboys who is likley gone, but I still want to finish her piece, but lack the artistic ability to draw it.And another is a horsemorph character someone special wanted to see.) But if anyone has any ideas what I should draw let me know! I have a super boring class on tuesdays and thursdays that I have been using to draw since a few weeks after the course began, and my skills have slowly improved. (Usually I pay attention in a class as respect to the professor, but this class has no value for paying attention, as you can just BS assignments in 2 sentences and end up with an A). So, does anyone have an idea on what I should draw? I usually do cartoon characters and such. I will actually be uploading some doodle pages sometime here once I get my butt around to it! (SFW ideas only) 

I have also had a few writing ideas, but that shall wait until I have time to do it. 

By the way, just so everyone knows, the Horsemorph characters and ideas solely belong to me. However, I give permission for their use as long as I am cited as the creator in the decription/credits of said work. 

PS: Does anyone even read these anymore? 
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